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By Traders, For Traders

As traders, we understand the issues that exist in the digital asset space ranging from cybersecurity, to maintaining multiple trading accounts, to a lack of fiat onramps and trading pair options. As a One-Stop Shop, BlockQuake’s trading platform fills this void. Our global Exchange provides traders with multiple fiats paired with multiple base cryptocurrencies - which in turn can be paired against alternative cryptocurrencies. As we continue to onboard fiats and list more and more cryptos, our users will have the most trading options on a single platform.

We saw an imperfect trading experience as an opportunity to create a solution to address those areas we saw that were currently lacking. Powered by a team that has traditional financial backgrounds with experience in audit, compliance, and regulation, we want to provide our users with the same level of trust and transparency they’ve experienced with traditional financial markets.

Our mission is to be the unified trading platform for digital assets that is trusted by all facets of the trading and investing community.

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Features of the BlockQuake Exchange


Platform based on high-frequency trading (HFT) equities technology with Matching Engine engineered to handle more than 10 million transactions per second


Industry-standard protection against attacks, data encryption, and compliance with financial security and privacy standards for customer data protection

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Our Story

Through his experience in cryptocurrency trading, Antonio Brasse found there was a void within with the existing landscape of cryptocurrency trading platforms. This void is relative to performance, security, transparency and trust - as compared to operations within traditional financial markets. In talking with two of his friends and fellow crypto traders, Antonio discovered they had similar observations. Drawing upon their collective years of experience in financial services, the team believed they could change this landscape for the better through significant and rapid disruption, “creating seismic shifts.” That was the genesis of BlockQuake™.

The company was formed in early 2018 to address the need for trust and transparency in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities through the development of a centralized cryptocurrency trading exchange platform.

Regulation and Compliance

BlockQuake will pursue transparency through compliance with domestic and international regulations. We are working towards being fully regulated within required securities rules and regulations, as well as other compliance related protocols. We are pursuing the following:

  • Operation of a Broker-Dealer / Alternative Trading System that is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission registrations
  • New York State BitLicense